The Big Coloring Book of Harold’s

A Benefit for the Harold’s On Main Staff Fund


Thank you for picking up the fourth book in our Coloring Books for a Cause series! Laura Hauser and I started making coloring books to entertain people of all ages while Sheltering in Place to help reduce the devastating effects of COVID-19. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to help Flatten the Curve in this wildly uncertain time. As a touring musician, I felt the financial effects immediately when we needed abruptly to pack up, postpone, and head home from our Heart Bones tour on March 13, 2020. It’s been a scary time for everyone who works in the service industry and beyond because no one knows how long we’ll need to wait patiently to get back to work and a “normal” routine.

As a part-owner of Harold’s on Main, I am thrilled to be able to make a book especially to benefit our Staff Fund that will help our amazing team of bartenders, door people, and everyone else who puts a smile on your face with a Hamm’s, a Heggie’s, and/or a delicious Harold’s cocktail. Our whole team of owners — Eric, Frank, Rob, Aaron, Tom, Preston, and I — are represented throughout these pages to say hello and express our love and gratitude to you, our customers, and supporters. We can’t wait to open our doors to you as soon as we can. Our mission is to keep our little corner of Moorhead, Minnesota, alive and thriving as a community meeting place for many years to come.

I can’t thank Amy Jo, Dale, and Lon enough for dreaming up these pages for us and for making them a beautiful reality. Again, we thank you for your support and wish you all happiness and health as we stick together from a distance to get the world back on track.

– Sean Tillmann, April 20th, 2020

Cover artwork for the fourth coloring book to benefit Harold's on Main.

About The Artists

Artist, Emma Eubanks, illustrated some of the artwork in the Dance Party coloring book.

Amy Jo

Hailing from a corn farm in North Dakota, Amy Jo graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from Moorhead State University (MSUM). She has designed for many beloved Minnesota institutions such as Peace Coffee, First Avenue, Minnesota Rollergirls, and Utne Reader. Her work has been published in the Art of Modern Rock, City Pages, and Print Magazine.

Amy Jo resides with her husband Dale and their daughter Sadie in Northeast Minneapolis where they run their design and screen printing studio, Who Made Who.

Amy Jo and Dale worked with Harold’s to create their branding and signage. Of her college days in Fargo-Moorhead, Amy Jo has this to say: “Ralph’s was the bar we had. Harold’s was the bar we deserved.”

Instagram: @missamyjo

Artist, Emma Eubanks, illustrated some of the artwork in the Dance Party coloring book.


Dale Flattum began his career in music and art as a bassist, vocalist, and audio-collage artist for the San Francisco-based bands Steel Pole Bath Tub and Milk Cult. Working under the alias TOOTH, Flattum has created hundreds of rock posters for acts such as The Melvins, Mudhoney, X, and Faith No More. He currently works as a graphic designer and runs a screen printing studio with his wife, the artist Miss Amy Jo.

Instagram: @brothertooth

Artist, Emma Eubanks, illustrated some of the artwork in the Dance Party coloring book.

Lonny Unitus

Lonny Unitus started out drawing the Muppets and the Smurfs as a wee boy, and it just got dumber from there. Cartoons, comics, and punk rock-fueled him through high school and into college. He graduated from Moorhead State with a BFA in Illustration.

With his pal, Justin Seng, he began designing rock posters that Justin would screenprint, and that led to a long career of gig poster design that had him working for the likes of the Melvins, Liz Phair, Alice Cooper, Trampled by Turtles, Son Volt, Willie Nelson, X, The Dwarves, Shonen Knife, and many more. His poster work has been published in numerous magazines and books including The Art of Modern Rock, Electric Frankenstein! High Energy Punk Rock & Roll Poster Art, Swag 2: Rock Posters of the ‘90s and Beyond, A Fistful of Rock & Roll: Real Rock Art for Real Rock Bands, and Gigposters: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century.

Lonny also writes and illustrates comics. In addition to creating Randy & Chirpy (a webcomic featuring a lovable loser and his birdy best friend), his comic work has been published in Rock Ink Roll, Lutefisk Sushi, Big Funny, and Advanced Death Saves.

He lives with his wife and two kids and is a hell of a Dungeon Master.

Instagram: @lonnyunitus

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