The Positives of Sports and E-Sports


The very concept of “sport” may be a bit subjective, but if you consider the positives of this activity, you may feel differently. The term itself has become an euphemism for a wide range of activities. But it does have a core meaning – sports are activities that involve participation and competition. It is not just about winning, though. There is a strong emphasis on sportsmanship, too, as the term “sportsman” expresses.

Besides its countless benefits, sport helps to improve your attitude and develop a killer instinct. It teaches you to never give up. It also helps you to focus on the present. When you win, it is a victory, and you feel good about yourself. Sports can help you to overcome the fear of failure and develop a positive attitude. You can even become a better communicator. And that’s one of the best qualities of any sport.

E-Sports, on the other hand, claim to be a sport. But while playing an eSport game requires a high level of brain power, fast reflexes, and dexterity in using a controller, the sport is highly competitive. Players claim to be as athletic as race car drivers. But if you can sit in a small bucket and travel at top speed, that’s actually athleticism! It’s no wonder then that the popularity of ESports is rising.

Early sports have long existed in history. Artifacts from 2000 BCE suggest that ancient Chinese sports may have involved gymnastics. The Egyptians also played sports, such as wrestling and throwing javelins. The ancient Persians had a rich iconographic and literary heritage, and many of their hunters considered fencing to be an art. As a result, northern Europeans began to imitate the practice. However, the sport did not reach the heights of its modern-day version.