Cover for the first issue of Coloring Books For A Cause.

Coloring Books For A Cause

Help the community from inside your home.

Mission Statement

Coloring Books For a Cause was inspired by our need to help our community stay afloat during the early days of COVID-19 self-quarantining.

While things are quickly changing around us, we strive to provide quality entertainment for those who may be at home for much longer than expected.

We will be donating a large portion of our proceeds (about 60%) to the business that each book is focused on while also supporting the fine artists that drew the pages and providing valuable info on how to support the subjects of said drawings.

We hope that in these trying and uncertain times we can offer a bit of levity to take your mind off of things and just act like a kid again. Thank you for your help and support.

– Sean Tillmann and Laura Hauser

Lizzo coloring book page

The Big Coloring Book of First Avenue

Our first coloring book will benefit the Twin Cities Music Community Trust which was set up by First Avenue to help support our local music and event industry workforce and local musicians who rely on gigs to pay their bills. So many people have been upended by COVID-19 virus cancellations and postponements that we thought it was time to lend a helping hand.