Lottery Online Review

Lottery Online is an online lottery platform where you can play a wide range of national and international lotteries. These websites are regulated by gambling commissions and feature SSL encryption to keep your personal information safe, as well as secure payment methods and password protected accounts.

Best For: Access to all the biggest lottery games, including MegaMillions, and great promotions like eXTRA Chance free ticket giveaways. They also have a large number of casino-style games that you can play for real money.

Smaller Games: While the major lotteries draw a lot of attention, you can also participate in smaller state-specific games that have lower odds but higher prizes. Many of these games are also available in mobile apps, which allow you to purchase tickets from any device — even while you’re on the go!

Subscriptions: A handful of states offer subscriptions for a fixed number of weeks, months or a year at a time. These subscriptions let you pick your numbers ahead of time and automatically buy tickets whenever the lottery has a game.

Lotto Agents: Another option is to use lottery agents, who can purchase tickets for you on your behalf, and send you a scan of your ticket. They usually charge a fee for this service, but you don’t have to pay them anything extra if you win.

Online Lottery Games: Conclusion: A few states offer online lottery games, where you can buy tickets on a website or app. These are convenient, easy to use and generally safer than traditional paper tickets. Some lottery websites even allow you to set limits on your daily, weekly and monthly spending so that you can keep your spending within reason.