Sportswriting and National Identity


Sportswriting is a genre of journalism that covers various sporting events and activities. It also examines issues such as sports corruption and off-field violence.

Sports and national identity

In addition to being popular, sports are often associated with a particular view of nationhood. This association can either support or undermine hegemonic social relations.

A person’s behaviour, social interpretation of a sport, and the degree of organisational structure that surrounds the activity can all contribute to how they are perceived as a ‘sport participant’. This can be defined by a person’s role in the sport (player, coach, official) or how they describe their engagement, including where and when it takes place.

The relationship between the mass media and sports has been profound. The commercial mass media recognized sports coverage as an inexpensive way of delivering much-needed content, while public or state media identified sporting events as opportunities to reaffirm national culture and bolster patriotism.

Athletes, coaches, and fans also use sports as a means to convey emotional experiences. These processes, which often involve scripting and orchestration, help to define the roles of players, coaches, and fans. They also forge the link between sports and national identity, which can be either conservative or liberal in nature.