How to Write About Sports


Sports are activities that involve physical exertion and competition. There are a variety of different sports and each one is a little different, but they all meet the same basic requirements.

Sport is a recreational activity, and it is usually played for enjoyment or for health purposes. It is also a good way to relieve stress and tension.

A clear definition of what makes something a sport can be a bit tricky, though. Many people think that a sport is a game where you play a physical contest and don’t rely on luck. Others argue that a sport is any activity that involves physical exertion and skill.

Ultimately, a clear definition is important to understand what sports are. Without it, one can hardly give an adequate answer to questions like whether mountain climbing is a sport, or what distinguishes the Indianapolis 500 automobile race from other sports.

How to write about Sports

As a writer, your main goal is to convey the emotion of a game and transport readers to the event. Using vivid language is key to making this happen. It is tempting to use tired expressions that readers already know, such as “slam-dunk” and “scored,” but you want to find fresh ways to describe the action. This will help your article stand out from the crowd and draw in readers.