Dance Party Coloring Book

A Benefit for Violence Free Minnesota:

The Coalition To End Relationship Abuse

COVID-19 is continuing to spread and take lives everywhere. Everyone is working together to help flatten the curve, and one of the effective ways to fight the spread of this deadly virus is for everyone to stay home (which is why we started Coloring Books For A Cause in the first place, so people could have something fun to color in with their families while they are social-distancing), but what this also means is that there are a lot of people stuck in homes with someone abusive.

I wanted to create a coloring book with the proceeds directly benefiting people experiencing domestic violence during these COVID times. I asked my friend Emma Eubanks, one of my favorite local artists, if she would collaborate with me on a Dance Party themed Coloring Books For A Cause and she was totally into it, so we jumped into it and put together this coloring book in 13 days.

I hope you enjoy the movement, energy, and references this book has, and I hope you have fun coloring it in. Also, I want to thank you for helping support victims of domestic violence. Violence Free MN is a statewide coalition of over 90 member programs working together to end relationship abuse, create safety, and achieve social justice for all. They represent victims and survivors of relationship abuse and member programs; challenge systems and institutions; promote social change; and support, educate, and connect member programs. They are still open and serving people during these COVID times and they need people to know they are available to help. Thank you!

– Michael Gaughan, Sunday, April 12th 2020

Coloring Books For a Cause presents Dance Party to benefit Violence Free Minnesota.

About The Artists

Artist, Emma Eubanks, illustrated some of the artwork in the Dance Party coloring book.

Emma Eubanks

Emma Eubanks is a Minneapolis based illustrator. During business hours she can be found pushing the limits of what a hand looks like, and spends her free time testing out which foods taste good with ketchup.
Instagram: @emmastopdrawing

Illustrator, Stacey Combs

Michael Gaughan

This Dance Party themed coloring book benefiting Violence Free MN was a very fun and very meaningful project to work on. I have always been a huge fan of Emma’s art and it was rad to get to collaborate together. I hope you enjoy coloring it in, and thank you so much for your support to help raise money for Violence Free MN, which is still open during COVID and is still helping people experiencing domestic violence.
Instagram: @michaelgaughanfunpix

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If you do not feel safe in your home or relationship, there is help. If you are experiencing abuse or violence, please call DayOne, Minnesota’s 24/7 crisis hotline, at 866.223.1111 or text 612.399.9995