The Big Coloring Book of Grumpy’s and Palmer’s

A Benefit for the staff of Grumpy’s NE and Palmer’s Bar

Illustrated by Sarah Davis, Laura Hauser, Erica Ilich, and Zachary Edward Clair Swenson

Our second release for Coloring Books For a Cause is a benefit for the staff of Grumpy’s NE and Palmer’s Bar. These are two of the most beloved neighborhood bars in Minneapolis, and the staff are like family to us. We jumped at the opportunity to help these neighborhood public houses that we adore. We were thrilled that Sarah Davis, Erica Ilich, and Zach Swenson were available and excited to join Laura in illustrating these books as every one of them is either a featured artist, bartender, and/or regular at both establishments. When all of this COVID-19 madness has subsided we hope to see you on the patios of both of these beloved bars enjoying a beverage and whatever Tony and Pat are grilling up that particular day. Thanks for your support!

– Sean Tillmann

Palmer’s has been a West Bank drinking institution since 1906 and is one of Minneapolis’ longest operating bars. Palmer’s has been described as a church for the down and out and those who romanticize them, a rare place where high and low brow rub elbows—bums and poets, thieves and slumming celebrities. Today it remains one of the most diverse bars in Minneapolis. All are welcome, until they are not. All of Palmer’s proceeds from this rad coloring book will go directly to the staff GoFundMe account. They are the ones that make this place what it is and they need the help!

– Tony Zaccardi, April 2020

Built specifically to be a bar in 1905 and taking on it’s current moniker in the late 90’s, Grumpy’s Bar has always aimed to be the neighborhood’s front room, more than just a stack of bricks with alcohol to purchase. We like our dartboards becoming a stage, our tables becoming boardrooms and easels. Grumpy’s is where a film script is written at the bar as a wedding takes place on the patio. It’s where the staff blends in with the customers as neighbors. In appreciation for continuing to be the face and heart of Grumpy’s in these unprecedented days, all proceeds to the bar from this wonderful project will be donated directly to the staff’s tip jar.

– Paddy Costello of Grumpy’s staff, April 2020

Cover of The Big Coloring illustration for the Book of Grump's and Palmer's.

About The Artists

Sarah Davis

I am an artist, hairstylist, small business owner and hotdog enthusiast. Oil paint is my typical medium, focusing on realistic depictions of common objects and spaces. I enjoy gardening of all sorts, classic movies, makin’ with the jokes and hanging with my cat Rasputin. As a reverent fan of Grumpy’s and Palmers, this project was a joy for me to participate in. Instagram @sarahdavismn

Laura Hauser

Special education teacher by day, coloring book illustrator by COVID-19 outbreak/night. I love long walks in Minneapolis, music of every variety, and a good drink on Grumpy’s and Palmer’s patio on a nice summer day, and you! Thanks for your patronage and support. Thanks to my mom, Carol, whose artistic style has impressed my newfound love of drawing, as she drew all of my childhood to keep me entertained, which was not an easy task.

Erica Ilich

Art teacher, illustrator, and music enthusiast. Most of my painting subjects depict animals who live in outer space. While not painting, I enjoy spending time with my kitty and pupper named Pierogi. I am so excited to play a part in helping others through this project, and I hope you can enjoy my little animals hanging out at Grumpy’s and Palmer’s!
Check out my artwork:

Zachary Edward Clair Swenson

On top of serving drinks at Palmers and slinging wieners at The Wienery, I’m also a local artist. I have been drawing since I was a teenager in a German town in southern Minnesota. In more recent years I have been focusing on collage. In the last week I have been into making pages for this coloring book.
Instagram: @zeecsart